Victim Services & Notifications

The National Pretrial iSENTINEL™ Notification mobile app works seamlessly in conjunction with our JED™ Platform, and in turn, all GPS devices. Our Accountability and Monitoring Software will ensure that when a GPS client is in proximity to the victim’s location, both the victim and the supervising authorities are notified in real-time. The victim is not required to carry a GPS device but instead installs our Check In Center™ app onto their Apple or Android smartphone. 

National Pretrial provides victims peace of mind and gives officers additional insight into the location and actions of the defendants from their high-risk, domestic violence, and sex/violent offender caseloads.

Featuring reliable and accurate victim location information using GPS, Wi-Fi, and the smartphone’s location services the platform sends alerts to the victim via email, text, or push notification.  These customizable notification alerts can include proximity, low battery, tamper alerts, or zone violations.


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