The current criminal justice and accountability system is outdated, inefficient, and overly intrusive. It relies on cumbersome phone-based systems, time-wasting roll calls, and obsolete tracking mechanisms. It led to inaccuracies, busy work for government employees, difficulty in compliance, and expensive incarceration.

To manage an effective pretrial program, you need to establish visibility and control. National Pretrial experts can help you integrate appropriate controls, orchestrate workload deployment, and establish an effective pretrial accountability platform.

Our JED™ (Judicial Evaluation Data) Platform provides your team with the administrative controls, support, orchestrate workload deployment, the proper technical backbone, and tools, along with a 24/7 real-time operation center to provide a practical, highly functional, cost-efficient pretrial strategy.


Benefits of the JED™ Platform:

    • Fights recidivism
    • More responsible [fair] than bail for lower-level offenders
    • Minimal additional government resources required
    • A stable cornerstone of your pretrial accountability plan
    • Reports/alerts tailored to your environment
    • Appropriate and proportional Accountability breaking the one size fits all model
    • Tiered solution - Escalate Accountability based on behavior and compliance
    • Allows instant Monitoring/Accountability of the accused
    • Automated check-in and custom alerts - Actionable and relevant information
    • Provides seamless communication between the accused and supervising authorities
    • We manage all non-emergency actions through our centralized technology platform
    • Seamless Accountability
    • Technologically agnostic 
    • Manage risk by tracking and interacting
    • Escalate monitoring based on behavior and response

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide criminal justice stakeholders the technology, resources, and ongoing management needed to enact a successful pretrial accountability plan through less intrusive monitoring and communication at a lower cost.



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