The criminal justice and accountability system is outdated, inefficient, and intrusive. It relies on outdated phone systems, time-consuming roll calls, and obsolete tracking methods and antiquated systems. This leads to lack of visibility, no real communications, inaccuracies, wasted time, compliance issues, and costly incarceration.

To address these challenges, you need visibility, communication and control. The team of experts at National Pretrial offer a fully managed system for monitoring and managing pretrial offenders, helping to reduce recidivism rates through the use of our Patent Pending JED™ (Judicial Evaluation Data) Platform.  Providing the administrative controls, support, orchestrate workload deployment, the proper technical backbone, and tools, along with a 24/7 real-time operation center to provide a practical, highly functional, cost-efficient and robust pretrial accountability platform. 

The 100% Managed System offered by National Pretrial effectively tackles recidivism by providing a more responsible and fair alternative to bail for lower-level offenders. It requires minimal additional government resources and serves as a stable cornerstone of your pretrial accountability plan.

The JED™ Platform offers reports and alerts tailored to your specific environment, ensuring appropriate and proportional individual accountability, breaking away from the one size fits all model.

Intrinsic to the JED™ Platform is a multi-tiered solution, allowing for escalated accountability based on behavior and compliance. With instant monitoring and accountability of the accused, automated check-ins and custom alerts provide actionable and relevant information. Additionally, it enables seamless communication between the accused and supervising authorities, managing all non-emergency actions through a centralized technology platform.

The JED™ Platform and National Pretrial are technologically agnostic and help manage risk by tracking and interacting with offenders, escalating monitoring based on behavior and response anywhere, anytime, and from any device.