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Pretrial Diversion

National Pretrial offers a Managed Pretrial Diversion Accountability Platform that allows criminal justice system stakeholders to supervise the defendants released using our technology platform and operations center, ensuring responsible, practical, and cost-effective pretrial release without the need to manage or supervise their caseloads individually.

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Managed Pretrial Diversion

National Pretrial offers a comprehensive and turn-key managed solution for criminal justice system stakeholders, providing structured pretrial diversion program in a cost-effective manner. Our advanced pretrial software technology platform, JED™ (Judicial Evaluation Data), incorporates three levels of electronic monitoring, allowing for a less invasive form of accountability.

This results in improved community safety, reduced administrative costs, enhanced defendants risk assessment, and increased court appearance rates through electronic monitoring.

JED™ is a centralized
Pretrial Software technology platform designed to help the criminal justice process - the courts, municipalities, and state agencies effectively manage pretrial detention. Its goal is to enhance public safety, streamline administrative processes, increase appearance rates, and make informed pretrial release decisions using a three-level monitoring system.

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Program I
Non-intrusive Text Messaging Check-ins
Program II
Location and Communications Based Accountability
Program III
Device Based GPS Tracking and Monitoring
TRO / Sex Offender
Victim Alerts and Mass Notifications
Program I
Non-intrusive Text Messaging Check-ins
 National Pretrial Check-in Center Accountability App is more effective, less intrusive and costs less than existing criminal justice accountability programs.
Program II
Location and Communications Based Accountability
Program III
Device Based GPS Tracking and Monitoring
TRO / Sex Offender
Victim Alerts and Mass Notifications

The Benefits of Pretrial Services

National Pretrial offers a comprehensive solution for criminal justice stakeholders. It provides a structured pretrial diversion program at the lowest cost. Our advanced pretrial software technology platform, JED™, gives supervisors detailed information on the accused's activities and behavior. This allows for less intrusive monitoring and increased community safety. Our 24/7 operations center ensures continuous electronic monitoring and communication with the accused for a secure pretrial process. It also allows for flexibility and accuracy. Set geofences based on time, distance, and day of the week. Automatically send warnings when specific rules are broken. Our JED™ Pretrial Software platform enables responsible accountability and ensures public safety. It also allows for quick and easy real-time communication with the accused.

National Pretrial offers services and features tailored to each jurisdiction's needs. Our technology platform allows real-time tracking, alert notifications, and predictive analysis. Each accused has a unique identity code for automated monitoring. Supervisors can customize alert thresholds. The platform is quick and easy to set up. Our operations center ensures continuous monitoring and communication.

You can access our risk assessment tools that offer key metrics to track and monitor performance with National Pretrial's pretrial software. The reporting dashboard provides real-time data on pretrial diversion and compliance with court-ordered conditions of pretrial policy. Supervisors can quickly identify trends and take action as needed. The platform is designed for scalability, making it easy to expand services into new jurisdictions or adjust settings based on changing needs.

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I go to every day and painlessly check-in and can easily communicate via text to respond.

Jeff Botellio

As a victim, I can be alerted via the app in real-time without carrying around a monitoring device.

Jennifer Bryant

Free! I just downloaded the app was accountable, and now am free, charges dismissed. Thank you, National Pretrial!

Byron Werner

Easily Locate, manage and communicate with all accused in real-time, all at the click of a few buttons.

Eric Prydes

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