JED™ (Judicial Evaluation Data)

National Pretrial's cloud-based Pretrial Accountability Platform - JED™ (Judicial Evaluation Data) encompasses technology, hardware, managed services, monitoring, communications, and processes and provides structured supervision and the ability to escalate the level of supervision as needed.


The NPTS approach includes our industry-leading cloud platform designed to connect virtually any device and tailor supervision levels to your constituents and local needs. No matter the type, we are device-agnostic and can integrate over 100+ devices, with more being continuously added. From our smartphone app to multiple ankle monitors, we give you one centralized system and workflow. SMS messages, automated phone calls, check-ins, court reminders, active app tracking, ankle monitors, drug patches, alcohol monitors, all client communications, and more can be managed through one easy-to-use system. It doesn't stop at the accused either. We have a victim advocacy app that can monitor if an offender is inside a set threshold near a victim and alert proactively.

Our advanced rules engine gives supervisors the ability to tailor alert thresholds on an individual basis. Set geofences based on time, distance, day of the week, and even automatically send warnings to the accused when specific rules are breached. You can allow a cure period for breaches, so individuals get a chance to rectify them before notifying authorities. Our technology provides the foundation for you to enact supervision in a responsible, effective and minimally intrusive way.

Managed Services & Operations

With the JED™ as the cornerstone of your pretrial accountability plan, having the resources and expertise to leverage it is key to its success appropriately. Enter our consultant team and 24/7/365 operations center. From the very onset of every project, we work with criminal justice stakeholders to educate, tailor, and execute a comprehensive pretrial diversion plan. We take our field-proven best practices, and standard operation procedures (SOP) compiled from decades of direct pretrial experience and apply them to your environment and goals. We work diligently with all stakeholders during the initial engagement to customize and establish our SOP’s and workflows to ensure proper visibility to all stakeholders and appropriate supervision. A significant part of this plan is the procedure for you to leverage our operations center.

The NPTS operations center, which is staffed with seasoned watch-standers, becomes your front-line and technology experts. Resource allocation, staffing, training, and the other challenges with monitoring and communicating with the accused are no longer a concern. Designed to backstop criminal justice stakeholders and keep only relevant information and alerts flowing to decision-makers, we allow you to focus on the decisions that need to be made. By leveraging our existing operations center, you can easily predict expenditures and keep budgets low. Simply put, our mission isn’t just to deliver a solution; it’s to ensure the ongoing success and support of the program as a whole.

The National Pretrial Accountability Platform provides a comprehensive pretrial diversion plan. We are here to help you navigate accountability in a responsible, effective, and minimally intrusive way – Without the need for a sizeable increase in resources.

National Pretrial™ is less intrusive, costs less and is more effective!

JED™ Tracking Capability Tiers


The JED™ Platform provides a complete centralized Accountability solution that houses all pretrial communications and touchpoints.  JED™ was built utilizing technology agnostic cloud based infrastructure and was designed to provide near-limitless scalability, high availability, and integrity. JED™ is distributed across a network of globally inter-connected data centers on the Microsoft Azure Cloud and provides a globally secure way to route messages between devices, courts, pretrial programs, and other authorities.


JED™ Accountability Programs

  • Level 1 – Low Risk – SMS Text messages
  • Level 2 – Moderate Risk – App Location based monitoring 
  • Level 3 – High Risk – GPS monitoring
  • DUI - Continuous Alcohol Monitoring
  • Drug - Patches and Testing
  • Victims – App based restraining order notifications


Additional Services

  • Built-in Custom Reporting that can be sent out based on client’s needs
  • Automated Check-in Schedules on an individual basis
  • Custom Alert distribution that can notify agent/courts
  • Court date reminders via SMS, In-App, automated Phone call 
  • Allow Courts/authorities to view accused’s information
  • Highly customizable, easy to use, interface and reporting system

JED™ At-A- Glance

  • Fights recidivism
  • Seamless and instant Accountability of the accused
  • Automated check-in with custom alerts with actionable information
  • Technologically agnostic 
  • Reports/alerts tailored to your requirements and environment
  • A tiered solution that can escalate Accountability based on behavior and compliance
  • Appropriate and proportional Accountability breaking the one size fits all model
  • Manage risk by tracking and interacting, escalate based on behavior and response
  • Provides seamless communication between the accused and supervising authorities
  • Unified Accountability via multiple applications

Simple, Structured Supervision™

Technology experts man the 24/7 JED™ Network Operations Center Center with decades of experience. Our Pre-packaged pretrial accountability program includes an out-of-the-box process and preformatted SOP’s but can be tailored to your specific stakeholders. National Pretrial is a Force Multiplier by backstopping stakeholders from non-emergency alerts and only forwarding relevant and timely information/alerts to the appropriate decision-makers.

National Pretrial is the BEST Pretrial Accountability Solution ... Contact Us to start today.