Learn More About the Underlying Technology Powering National Pretrial - The Patent Pending Jed Platform


The criminal justice accountability system is outdated, inefficient, and intrusive. Our judicial evaluation data platform provides meaningful individual data points, communication, and control for caseworkers, program directors, courts, state municipalities, and administrators, all while respecting and honoring the accused. The markets we serve include pretrial justice programs, post-conviction programs, state probation and parole, federal probation and parole, work release programs, juvenile justice programs, and sex offender alerts.


The JED platform provides the administrative controls, support to orchestrate workload deployment, a proper technical backbone and tools, and a 24/7, 365-day real-time network operating center to offer a practical, highly functional, and cost-efficient pretrial strategy. The JED platform benefits include fighting recidivism, seamless and instant accountability, automated check-in and custom alerts, technologically agnostic, custom reports and alerts, multi-tiered solution, appropriate and proportional accountability, manage risk by proactively interacting, escalate based on behavior and response, and provide seamless, unified accountability via multiple custom applications, interfaces, and levels.


National pre-trial executive workflow overview. You can see the state, the county, and the local administrative and judicial branches depicted with the accused and the JED, Judicial Evaluation Data platform. The JED Platform and Network Operations Center provide the technological backbone and administrative function of managing the accused through various accountability levels.


Accused download the Check-In Center app that monitors them throughout the levels of accountability. Level 1, which is low risk, works by text and app-based notifications. Level 2, which is moderate risk, provides facial recognition check-in accountability. And lastly, level 3, which is high-risk accountability with GPS ankle monitors. The JED platform also includes DUI cam monitoring and drug patch testing and reporting. iSENTINEL monitors and alerts subscribers to TRO and sex offender alerts. Some of the additional features of the pretrial JED application are our highly customizable and easy-to-use interface, extensive reporting, automated check-in by individual or accountability level, custom alert system that can notify agents, courts, and caseworkers, court date reminders via SMS to the accused in the app or via automated phone call or both, courts and authorities can securely view the accused current information, contact them directly via text, call, or video, all from within the app.


At the At-a-Glance dashboard, one can quickly see the status of all the accused within your particular purview and how many agents there are in the state, the different counties, and break it down by county. Offenders are depicted by levels in green, level 1; blue, level 2; or red, level 3. Within the various metropolitan areas, you can see the donut graphing of the different levels of accused of that metro area. The dashboard also depicts check-ins, the alerts, the actives, device status, monitors how many offenders and how many victims are all on the main dashboard. From here, one can drill down and communicate with anybody in real-time via the app, see the reports in the daily, aggregate, or historical manner.


The JED Easy-to-Use Alert interface, built-in custom reporting, automated check-ins schedules, custom alert distribution, automated court date reminders, communications-based application, view and accused information, intuitive and straightforward interface. TRO and sex offender alerts.


iSENTINEL app works in conjunction with the JED platform without needing the additional device. It notifies both the victim and supervising authorities in real-time when a GPS client is close to the victim's location or present geofences.


Any questions? Please feel free to contact us at 844-PRE-TRIAL. That's 844-773-8742, Or send an email to info@nationalpretrial.com.